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Digital Marketing Roadmap

Feeling a bit lost or frustrated with too many digital marketing alternatives? Looking for the right digital marketing plan?  Together We’ll Map A Route That Generates Buyers From Scratch!

digital marketing roadmap

Digital marketing strategies all start and finish in different places.

Most need help establishing where they’re at today, and where they want to go. Only then does the roadmap become clear.  It is your shortest route to success.

Ah-ha moments are guaranteed along the way!

Who is it for?

Digital Marketing Plan

Founders and Entrepreneurs

who want to get going in the right direction and avoid early mistakes.

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Business Owners

who are looking to change direction and grow again. 

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Heads of Marketing

who need support and measurable success

How it Works

You’ll collaborate with our experts, and they’ll present you with a custom Roadmap.

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Step 1

Register for our 15 minute free
introductory call

It all starts with a free discovery session. We’ll contact you to clarify your goals so we can tailor your Roadmap. In 15 minutes, you’ll know if this marketing strategy is right for you.

We’ll review and assess your
digital marketing assets

We’ll check out your traffic, conversions, and content. We find what’s working, and new opportunities.

Low hanging fruit. Quick wins. We don’t miss a thing. We’ll find the best marketing investment opportunities.

Step 2

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Step 3

We'll build your
90-day Roadmap

We’ll build out a high level, custom 90-day Roadmap that will organize and focus your efforts. We’ll highlight the shortest route to your goals. Avoid costly longer routes and scenic side-tours. 

No detours. Our map keeps you on the route!

We’ll present your digital marketing plan to you


We’ll show you the recommended route, and we’ll explain the reasoning. For some, simply increasing traffic and leads is the goal. Others want to turn their website into their top salesperson.

Whatever your destination, we’ll explain how to get there as quickly as possible.

Step 4

Your 90-day Plan

digital marketing strategy
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Step 5

Resources and

Once you know where you’re going and how to get there, you’ll need support.

Whether you are a soloist or a team player, we’ll make sure you have access to the right resources for your marketing plan to be successful.

Why Sparkinator?

We’re a family-run digital marketing agency in Charlotte.

Our mission is to make digital marketing easier--and get results. We care about entrepreneurs who care for their businesses.

So, we help entrepreneurs who are spending time and effort on various online marketing strategies like SEO, blogging, social media, advertising, and pay-per-click but are frustrated because they can’t tie it all together, or are unsure if it is producing any results.

We take a hands-on approach, building a  marketing plan with and for you, painting a clear picture of how to turn your digital assets into your best salesperson. 

That's why we offer this Digital Marketing Roadmap: to help marketers and CEO’s stop spinning their tires and pulling their hair out. 

Attention Frustrated Marketers and CEOs

We help frustrated marketers and CEOs who aren't sure how to get the best digital marketing results, or who just feel stuck. Does this sound familiar?

“I’m tired of trying to cobble marketing tools and activities together. We got started, but-- holy cow--there's a lot more to do here.”

The first cure for feeling this way is gaining clarity and certainty around a strategy and the tactics. For many, one ah-ha moment is accepting that digital marketing is a team sport and that deploying specialists is the only way to compete with today’s winning--and more sophisticated campaigns.

YES, you really can turn your website into a sales machine…even if you don't know where to begin or what to do next...even if you’re overwhelmed.

Winning with Digital Marketing

These elements make up a rock-solid, hard-working, digital marketing machine that will help you win business! It will deliver inbound leads and sales.

winning1 1

Targeted organic website traffic from fresh content

winning2 1

Relevant traffic from PPC campaigns

winning3 1

Killer social media presence

winning4 1

A high performing website that converts

Why do you need this?

Digital Marketing has become a Team Sport

Gone are the good ol’ days when a marketer could build an online presence in their spare time all alone.

They could:
  • Rank in google
  • Produce their own content
  • Design websites
  • Find easy ways to engage on social media
  • Pay google close to nothing for big Ad results.
whyyouneedit 1

Today’s reality is that full-time specialists outperform lone rangers in all these categories and more. The sophistication and technical expertise required in each category has become as great as running a whole online marketing effort was just a few years ago. This was back when the competition was weak and confused.

However, today things have changed. Google is smarter. Marketers have flooded the internet with big budgets and years of trial and error experience.

So today, success requires a team.

A team composed of experts in a few different digital marketing fields and a digital marketing guide to put the big picture together.

Accepting this is a challenge for some, and a big opportunity for those who do. Because leading a team is easier and more productive than trying to do all the heavy lifting alone!

team 2

Our digital marketing strategy was set by Alex and the Sparkinator team. We have hired them back many times now because they do great work. They are experts in SEO, Paid Ads, and bringing all of the different aspects of "Inbound" together. We have worked with them before and will continue to work with Sparkinator in the future. Good people to work with.

Ellipse 1
Dan Pearson

Executive Manager - CleanAir

The Sparkinator team really understands that Inbound marketing is a long-term commitment and is willing to stick with us through the process while educating me and my team in Hubspot.

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Steve Enstad

CEO - Page DNA

Sparkinator can give you access to the specialists you need on tap.

You don’t need to hire an entire department--you just need access to the right specialists at the right times!